2 Day Joint Mobilization for Upper Cross Syndrome

2 Day Joint Mobilization for Upper Cross Syndrome

MTAA 8.5 Primary Credits

RMTA 12 Primary Credits

NHPC 10 Credits


This course focuses on:

  • Assessment and treatment of common joint dysfunction and/or pain as it relates to upper cross syndrome
  • Modality focus will be on the application of low grade (grades I & II oscillations and sustained) joint mobilization for the control of pain and mobility of the cervical and glenohumeral joints.
  • Massage techniques and therapeutic exercises for this syndrome will be reviewed and integrated into a general treatment application
  • How to effectively treat HMRT (high muscle resting tone), facet joint pain, Trp’s (trigger points) related to upper cross syndrome, pain or spasm due to instability of the glenohumeral joint due to strain and adverse nerve tension.

Course dates: 


           Mar 25-26, 2017
           Nov 25-26, 2017




 Saturday & Sunday
 9:00 am – 5:30 pm




Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce
100 Ordze Avenue, Sherwood Park, AB
Upstairs meeting room


Marla Yaworski RMT



       $ 250.00 + GST (includes continental breakfast and course materials)
       $  50.00  Deposit required at time of registration


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