Combined Decongestive Therapy applies bandaging and compression as a process to achieve desired results.

Bandaging is used for many conditions, not just for a lymphedema treatment.

  • Venous insufficiency
    • Comprilan_AW_150When individuals suffer from venous insufficiency, they may require bandaging to help heal ulcers that have occurred as a result of this condition. By applying the proper bandage healing can occur and a reduction in the amount of edema in the area is reduced.  When the condition is resolved, garments or stockings are used to prevent the recurrence of ulcers or infections. The treatment protocol varies depending on the condition and situation.
  • For Lymphedema the treatment is performed as a series which can last for 10-14 sessions performed daily.   Bandages are applied to usually the leg (s) or arm (s).  Due to the layering of the bandages and the area being treated the individual may need to alter their daily activities to adjust to wearing the bandages.  This may mean that a different shoe or looser clothing may need to be warn until the session is complete.  Once completed, garments are fitted for the individual.