Understanding Regulation – The Basics

Massage therapy is regulated in four Canadian provinces to date with more pending. Regulation of a profession moves the practice into becoming a more recognized health profession. Understanding the process may remove the fear that most people encounter when the subject is broached. This course is designed to provide information and basic understanding of that process.
Understanding Regulation – The Basics

MTAA – 24 Primary Credits

RMTA – 3 Online Credits

NHPC – 5 Credits 


Are you afraid of regulation?


Understand the reasons and processes involved when a profession is considered for regulation.


How may regulation affect your career in Alberta as a massage therapist?


Will you be able to move to a regulated province with the skills you currently possess?


This course focuses on:


  • Understand the concepts of professionalism
    • Key terms
  • Understand the basics of how regulation affects massage therapists
    • Government’s role in Canadian health care
    • Knowledge, skills
    • Differentiate between regulation and registration
    • Explain what processes have been taken for self-regulation of massage therapy in Alberta
    • Key terms
  • Understand why a college is formed
    • Comprehend the differences between and educational college and a governing body
    • Understand regulations, laws, standards of practice, guidelines, policies
    • Key terms
  • Learn which associations are specific to Alberta and relate to massage therapy
    • Understand the purpose ad role of an association vs a college
    • Gather and differentiate the different services and fee structure of the Alberta massage therapy associations
    • Key terms


Date:   365 days to complete the course once registered



Marla Yaworski RMT


Cost:      $  55.96 + GST

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