Massage Therapy Insurance Workshop

Massage Therapy Insurance Workshop

MTAA 8.5 Primary Credits

RMTA 4 Secondary Credits

NHPC 5 Credits


Do you own a business?  Is it a partnership?  Do you work at a clinic and do you know what insurance they hold in the event that there is an interruption of business?


What you need to know about the contents and how to protect your investments if you own your own business, are self-employed with a home based business or working in a clinic.


With rising costs of health care, if you are self-employed you may want to find insurance that protects you with unexpected medical or dental expenses.


Are you protecting your hands?  What happens if you get injured, fall sick or worse what if you develop a debilitating disease?  Are you prepared?


Owning a business carries debt and in some cases, lease contracts are signed.  What is necessary in the event of an untimely death?  Are you leaving a loved one or a business partner in a financial bind?


Learn about the most common insurance companies, including those that the associations in Alberta deal with.  Do a self-assessment and choose the insurance that is right for you.


This course focuses on:


  • How to protect yourself, your assets and your investments
  • Definitions and explanation of the terms of an insurance policy
    • Professional Liability Insurance
      • Additional insurance for differing techniques
    • Content Insurance
    • Critical Care Insurance
    • Disability Insurance
    • Travel Insurance
    • Health & Dental
    • Life Insurance
  • Participants will gain an understanding of which insurance would be beneficial for their needs.
  • Obtain information and knowledge to fully understand the type of coverage they have and how they can be affected once they are no longer a practicing massage therapist.
  • Knowledge and information about the most common insurance companies that provide the services
  • Information about Group Insurance and who the associations in Alberta deal with.


      Sunday:   Mar 5, 2017
      Sunday:   May 28,2017
      Sunday:   Sept 10, 2017




9:00 am – 5:30 pm




Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce
100 Ordze Avenue, Sherwood Park, AB
Upstairs meeting room




Marla Yaworski RMT



    $ 125.00 + GST (includes continental breakfast and Course Materials)
    $  40.00  Deposit required at time of registration


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