A massage specifically designed for women during and after child birth. Massage can be very helpful with the changes, discomforts and stress the body endures during and after pregnancy.

Pregnancy massage is performed with the main goal of keeping mom and baby safe and comfortable during the massage.

The different stages of pregnancy will present different changes that occur to your body.  Your therapist will address these changes with you and place you in a position on the table that will provide the most comfort while treating you in a safe manner and ensuring you and baby are kept safe.  The techniques used will be very specific for pregnancy and very specific for the stage that you are in.

At the beginning of your pregnancy, you may be placed, face down, face up or on your side to be treated.

In the middle stages of pregnancy, you will be placed on special bolsters designed for pregnancy, face up with support under your right hip or sideline.

In the later stages of pregnancy you will be placed on special bolsters designed for pregnancy, face up at a 45 degree angle or sideline.

In all stages, you will have an abundance of pillows placed strategically so that pressures in certain areas of your body will be reduced and the baby will always be supported.

If your therapist is using bolsters and you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or just have a feeling that it is not right for you, please bring this up immediately to your therapist so changes can be made.

Massage during the postpartum weeks can help relieve symptoms and help the new mother adjust to the many changes in her body and her new life.  Postpartum massage helps restore the muscle to the pre-pregnancy state and address the stress the body endures from carrying and caring for the newborn child.

Benefits of receiving a massage during pregnancy:

  •  Low Back Pain
  •  Decreased Swelling
  • Decreased Leg Cramps
  • Promotes Relaxation
  • Decreased Sciatic Pain
  • Decreases Anxiety
  • Decreased Headaches
  • Decreased Pain from Postural Changes
  • Increased Circulation
  • Improves Sleep

Read below for evidence based information regarding pregnancy and massage:

Based on previous studies and available evidence, it is believed that massage therapy is a safe treatment during pregnancy and labor.  Massage therapy can be used to “address pain, reduce anxiety and depression, and improve neonatal outcomes.”  Based on current evidence “pregnant women are experiencing improved moods, reduced back pain, better sleep, and few complications during labor and delivery. ”  “Women who received massage during labor experienced less pain and anxiety, shorter duration of labor , less time in hospital and fewer episodes of postpartum depression.”   Trish Dryden, Christopher A. Moyer 2012/Massage Therapy, Integrating Research and Practice. pregnancy and labor 85-89.

If you are living in a regulated province many massage therapists are trained in pregnancy massage. Regulated provinces include Ontario, British Columbia and Newfoundland.  If you are unsure, feel free to ask your therapist if they are qualified to treat you.