How is manual lymph drainage applied?

Depending on the training of the therapist the techniques may vary.  In the Dr. Vodder Schools, the application of manual lymph drainage consists of four different types of stroke techniques.  The techniques are used on the skin in a combination of round or oval, small or large circular motions.  These motions are performed on the […]

What is inflammation? edema? Lymphedema? What are some of the causes?

Inflammation: By definition inflammation is condition which is local to a specific area creating symptoms of swelling, redness, pain, reduced range of motion and heat. Causes: Usually due to an injury or infection Edema: By definition edema is an accumulation of fluid between body tissues or in the circulatory system. Causes: High intake of salty […]

What is Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)?

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a technique which is used for swelling or edema.  There are different levels of training for the use of this technique.  For example, many massage therapy students will learn the basic education and skill for the treatment of swelling or edema due to injury such as a sprained ankle.  Specialized […]

Stress vs Burnout

Do you know the difference between stress and burn out?  Are you familiar with the signs and symptoms of burnout?  What causes a person to burn out?  Are you at risk?  Check out the website below to see if you are heading for an unhealthy state of mind.


Deep tissue massage focuses on the tissues under the superficial layer. It includes specific work and a range of techniques to rehabilitate prevent injuries and enhance performance.

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Fascia is a dense woven and very strong tissue that surrounds all our muscles, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels and organs. A very affective and gentle sustained pressure is applied to the soft tissue to eliminate pain and restore mobility by stretching of the fascia.

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Cupping is the term that is used to describe a treatment of the body using glass cups or suction devices.   Cupping is the opposite of massage in that instead of applying pressure to the muscles, the cups are used to provide a suction of…

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A very gentle and slow massage technique used to drain lymphatic fluid from areas of congestion and swelling. Increases circulation and promotes the elimination of waste. Lymphatic drainage is very helpful for acute injuries or post-surgery.

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