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Treatment DurationTreatment Fee5% GSTTotal Fee
30 Minute Massage$55.00$2.75
= $57.75
45 Minute Massage$71.50$3.58= $75.08
60 Minute Massage$88.00$4.40= $92.40
75 Minute Massage$104.50$5.23= $109.73
90 Minute Massage$126.50$6.33= $132.83
90 Minute Hot Stone Massage$137.50$6.88= $144.38
30 Minute Consultation$60.00$3.00= $63.00
60 Minute Manual Lymph Drainage$103.00$5.15= $108.15
75 Minute Manual Lymph Drainage$119.50$5.98= $125.48
90 Minute Manual Lymph Drainage$141.50$7.08= $148.58
120 Minute Manual Lymph Drainage$181.00$9.05= $190.05

I provide direct billing to many Insurance plans.  Refer to my direct billing page for a complete listing of qualified companies.

If you have had a Motor Vehicle Accident, please have an assessment done by a Doctor, Physiotherapist or Chiropractor to determine the level of injury that was sustained.  For example, your primary care giver will indicate whether you have suffered a Wad I, Wad II or Wad III injury.  This diagnosis determines the number of treatments you can receive through direct billing to your insurance company.

***Please note*** some plans require that you submit a prescription from your physician before you are allowed to claim any treatments.  If this is the case, you will be required to do so before I can direct bill.  You can find this information out by calling your insurance company or by referring to your plan manual.

Receipts are issued after each paying treatment for submission to your insurance companies.   If you do not have insurance, check with your accountant to determine if you are able to submit the receipts on your income tax.

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